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Structural Steel
  • Agrochemical Plants - Aircraft Manufactures -Aluminum Smelters - Asphalt Plants -Automotive Manufacturers - Cement Plants - Chemical Processing Plants - Electrical Substations- Electrical Towers - Electronics Manufactures - Factories Liquid Terminals -Metal Fabricating Plants - Military Manufactures -

  • Oil Refining - Power Plants - Petrochemical Facilities - Pharmaceutical Plants - Plastic Manufactures -Pulp And Paper Facilities - Research Labs - Rock Plants -
    Sheet Metal Manufactures - Ship Manufactures - Stadiums And Arenas - Storage Tanks-Warehouses Waste Disposal Plants - Water Plants Epoxy Floors Structural Steel.
    Any kind of structural Steel

Whether your requirements are industrial coatings, tank linings, secondary containments, railcar lining,
ceramic insulation, We have the professional, experienced painting team

  • Sandblasting
  • Commercial Coatings for:
  • Structural Steel & Heavy Equipment

Utah Commercial Painting  is a sandblasting and commercial coatings business. We specialize in sand blasting and painting structural steel and heavy equipment. We
have the capability to apply 1-4 coat paint systems.

  • Industrial Painting & Coating
  • High Performance Systems
  • Factory Finish Systems
  • Machinery Painting
  • Structural Steel
  • Miscellaneous Steel
Lacquers, coatings and solvent-based adhesives


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  Electrostatic Spraying•   Multicolor:  Epoxy, Plextone & Zolotone • Decorative Finishes• Wall Coverings Installed, Removed, Cleaned and Repaired• Pressure Washing• Rigging & Scaffolding•

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Home High Rise Sand Blasting Ind. Commercial Vinyl Covering Epoxy